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Our Owner Services

Most experienced rental property owners use professional property managers because they know a good property manager is the key to keeping tenants long term, getting good fairly priced maintenance for their investment and to make the most money on their real estate investment.

New property owners will sometimes self manage, hoping to save a buck by doing everything themselves. What they soon realize is that their time is money, and every hour they spend placing ads, showing properties, screening tenants, collecting rent and overseeing repairs cuts into their time and profits. At Ace Property Management, our goal is to make managing your property a worry-free and profitable experience for you. As a full-service firm, we’ll take care of every aspect of leasing and managing your single family home, condominium or apartment complex. Most of our services fall within the following categories.

PROPERTY PREPARATION, REPAIRS & MAINTENANCE: interior & exterior inspections, with recommendations and scheduling of maintenance with your approval.

Timely and competent maintenance is the key to protecting your investment. Our goal is to provide you with this important service at a reasonable price using only qualified personal. All repair and maintenance services are performed by independent, outside vendors and contractors, not by company employees. Each has been selected because of their ability to provide the best possible service at the best price.

Routine repair and maintenance will be performed as needed and will be based on urgency and importance. For any major job, we usually obtain written estimates from three different companies, notify you, and obtain your approval before we proceed.

We ensure the quality of the work performed by making spot checks and follow up inspections. You are further protected because each job is fully documented in writing and supported with receipts.

VENDOR LIAISON: Bid & inspection of all vendors to insure the best price, quality and service. It's our job to ensure that your property stays in top condition, so we'll make periodic visits to check that everything's in good order. We answer our phones 24 hours a day (weekends and holidays included) to ensure that emergencies are handled quickly, and we supervise all repairs to verify they're made correctly.

PROFESSIONAL MARKETING: we utilize various print media sources, (OC Register, Penny Saver etc.) bulletin board services, Tenant & Relocation referrals, various Internet sites, etc.

Ace Property Management Inc. will place a professional yard sign(s) in the yard of your rental property. Flyers are also distributed in the neighborhood. Almost twenty percent of our inquires come from these yard signs & flyers.

We actively market in Saturday & Sunday's edition of the O.C. Register. We have found that prospective tenants will carry the newspaper with them all week when looking for homes. O.C. Register advertising cost, are passed on to the property owner.

Our advertising does not stop there. We are also very active and aggressive in our Internet marketing. In today's competitive market, we find many of our renters are more comfortable with computers than newspapers and we actively cater to that segment. Ace Property Management networks with several different web sources and that helps keep us at the top of the search engines. Internet marketing cost is a part of the service from Ace Property Management.

Naturally, we also market to local government, corporations, and relocation departments. If tenants don't see your property, they won't know that it is available- so we make sure that they do!

ACCURATE MARKET PRICING: To get the right price for your home rental, we combine the experience of over 25 years in the Orange County market and several thousand home leases with extensive analysis and market research. We ensure that we maximize your return while making sure that the rent is competitive.

TENANT SCREENING & SELECTION: verification of all tenant information, obtain up-to-date credit and eviction reports. Tenant selection is done with each owner’s input.

The screening process includes running a credit report on individuals and a joint credit report on married couples. Ace Property Management uses a credit-reporting agency that will utilize the three major credit bureaus to conduct this process.

Ace Property Management will contact the applicant's previous landlords and obtain references as to the applicant's payment history, late payment, damages, pet history and other related factors that pertain to tenancy.

Ace Property Management will contact the applicant’s present and previous employers to obtain references for employment dates and salary. An applicant's current income should be at least three times the rental amount.

If Ace Property Management proposes an applicant who has had any substantial credit problems they will be required to; make advance rent payments; double the deposit; or obtain a credit worthy co-signer.

For additional protection, appropriate security deposits are always collected upon approval of a prospective tenant. Amount of deposits are based on the monthly rental rate and the credit worthiness of the tenant.

Applicants with pets are required to complete a pet questionnaire and pay an additional pet deposit, if the owner approves a pet.

All deposits are maintained in a trust checking account as required by state regulations until they are either refunded to the tenant upon the successful checkout inspection or are forfeited to cover damages caused by lease violations.

TENANT OBLIGATIONS: walk thru inspection where the property is photographed, overall coverage of Lease/Rental Contract, rules & regulations, tenant responsibilities, etc. See Tenant Services

RENT/LEASE COLLECTIONS: All rent is due on the 1st of each month and is considered late if received after the 3rd of the month. Late notices are sent on the 4th and 5th of the month. Should a tenant become habitually late we will consult with the Owner & tenant and should the tenant not make immediate progress with rent payments then begin eviction proceedings, with the preparation & service of the Summons & complaint, Unlawful Detainer, to court appearances & eviction.

We feel that the collection of rent is one of our most important functions of managing your property. Self-addressed envelopes are provided to the tenant for ease in making payments. Tenants can also may payments on line with direct banking or credit cards.

MONTHLY ACCOUNTING: the Ace Property Management computerized system provides you with Month to Date, Year to Date and Itemized Transaction report, along with al original Work Orders and Receipts.

Every transaction affecting your account balance is recorded and explained in detail. Our computerized accounting system enables you to see exactly what has transpired with your property on a monthly basis.

Original receipts and work orders are mailed to you with your monthly reports. Copies of all work orders and receipts are kept on file throughout the year. We will be happy to provide duplicate copies of this information at the end of the year to help you with your tax preparations.

In addition to the monthly statements we also provide a complete account summary at the end of the year. This shows you each accounting transaction posted on your property during the year: i.e. total rent received, total mortgage payments made, total maintenance expenses, etc. These statements are specially designed to simplify the year-end tax preparation job for you or your accountant

INSPECTIONS & REVIEW: routine interior and exterior property inspections and annual rent reviews. Our main job is to protect your investment property. We do this in two different ways. First we make frequent drive-by inspection tours of your property. In addition, we make regular preventive maintenance inspections of the interior of the property. It is stated in the tenants lease agreement that we have the right to make routine announced inspections.

Tenants are always notified in writing of pending property inspections. Inspections are conducted with the tenant present, using the property condition report that was executed by the tenant upon move-in. We compare for discrepancies, missing items, and any damage. At the same time we also check for preventive maintenance items.

Ace Property Management conducts routine inspections, and tenants who are doing a good job receive a letter thanking them for their time and the care taken in maintaining their home.

Tenants who are doing a poor job are also notified, and then we follow up with a second inspection 15-30 days after the tenant has received the failure report. If the tenant has not shown good faith by providing proper maintenance or making requested repairs we will begin proceedings to correct the problem at the tenants expense.

OWNER / TENANT RELATIONS: maintain good cooperative relationships with owners & tenants alike, to insure the positive operation of the property. Prompt response and follow-up to all questions, concerns or complaints, with a 24-hour emergency telephone service.

COMPETITIVE FEES: utilizing a comprehensive all inclusive fee system we eliminate all extra fee and charges for everyday management. Our monthly management fee is payable when the rent payment is received. We are performance based; the management fees are automatically deducted from your account at the time the rent payment is posted. However, since one of our jobs is to keep your property occupied, we do not deduct the monthly management fee if your property is vacant. We do not charge a monthly minimum.


Leasing: We make our living knowing the rental marketplace. We know the best methods to reach the tenants you’re looking for and the best prices to charge for your rental. We’ll then show the properties to prospective renters and select the right tenants to help increase your profits while decreasing turnover. We can negotiate leases to reach the terms that you’re looking for.

Financial: Maintaining accurate records is key to making your investment profitable. We'll handle all the financial aspects of maintaining your property, from collecting rent to paying bills. Every month we'll send you a check with a statement of your account. All income and expenses are clearly stated. We provide itemized monthly and annual account statements.

Maintenance: It's our job to ensure that your property stays in top condition, so we'll make periodic visits to check that everything's in good order. We answer our phones 24 hours a day (weekends and holidays included) to ensure that emergencies are handled quickly, and we supervise all repairs to verify they're made correctly.

Leasing and Management Fees: The leasing fee is a full months rent to acquire a tenant for one year. Management fees are based on a variety of factors including number of units, rent roll, location, deferred maintenance, etc. Fees vary from 6%-10% of the gross rent collected. Having full time professional management of your property leaves you free to focus on what you want to do. Eliminate the hassle of working as a landlord and enjoy more time with your family, travel or working at what you do best.
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Consulting Services for Owners / Landlords: If you’re a Owner / landlord needing help to get a better return on your profit, our consulting services may be just what you’re looking for. We can conduct an appraisal of your current rental value to determine if you’re charging enough. Or take advantage of our Lease-Only Programs, where we’ll market your property and locate the tenants, but you handle everything else.

We also provide market analysis for investor and mortgage institutions as well.
All of our consulting services are all provided on a fee basis.